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PRO accounts include unlimited free Light users.

All accounts include unlimited invitations to external contacts, clients and vendors.

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What happens after the 15-day unlimited trial?

Your account will stay active as a Light Edition Account and you'll keep all projects and data generated during the first 15 days of your trial.

You will be able to keep all your users as Light Users and convert them to Administrators or Project Managers (Pro users).

Do I have to pay for my clients and providers?

Nope. You'll never have to pay for your clients or providers. They get a free Light Edition account when you add them to your bCommunities directory or assign them a task.

Do they have to pay to work with my company?

From the minute your providers get a trial account they can always receive unlimited task assignments from your employees, regardless of whether they ever decide to pay for a Premium account.

In the case of your clients, you can create Flowback projects and tasks for them where they are their Owner and you're the Resource.
They can upgrade to a Pro edition account at any time and their Pro users will be able to create tasks for internal or external resources.

Who's responsible for paying for what file uploads?

Each account is responsible for paying storage for any files uploaded to any task their internal team members creates.

If one of your employees creates a Flowback project and task, even if that makes your company the Resource, your company will be responsible for all files uploaded to the task.

Can my external contacts see my other tasks?

Nope! If your client's picture or logo is not visible in the task, they cannot ever see it.

In the bCommunities network, each organization has their own secure and confidential environment. Your vendor won't see who your client is and they won't ever see that you have 15 other tasks in the same project where they only see one. Alternatively, you'll never see what tasks they set up to work on your request. Only when they create a Flowback task for you or they send you a task as a resource will you see it in your own account.

What can my internal team members see?

Who Can See Projects and Tasks?
If all your internal users are Light (all are free), then all of them will see all projects and tasks that anyone created during the Trial period or that you've received from your clients. Once you upgrade to a Pro account (by paying, at least, for one user), new tasks and projects will be only visible to a user if:

  • Their role is that of account Owner or Administrator (you can see everything by default).
  • Someone internal or external sent them a task as a resource.
  • They have a Project Manager's role and they created the task.
  • They have a Light user account and someone assigned a task to them.

Who Can See My Contacts and Interact With Them?
Internal and External users can only see each other if:

  • They have the other's email address, sends them an invitation and the other party accepts it.
  • You share your contact/s with other internal member of your organization.
  • Another internal team member is an Administrator and can see the user in one of your tasks.
Do I need to sign a contract?

No long term contracts in bCommunities.
All premium accounts allow you to upgrade or downgrade the number of Pro internal users as needed on a monthly basis. You can add employees anytime during the month and we'll charge you for them on a prorated basis. Note that we will not credit your account if you decide to reduce the number of Pro users in the middle of the monthly pay cycle.

How safe is my data?

All of our data centers and network infrastructures are designed to ensure maximum uptime with the highest server and cloud performance, best security and fastest scalability.
Our servers are behind 12” thick reinforced concrete walls able to withstand winds in excess of 90 mph, and located outside of flood plains and seismic zones. The building standards meet NEBS Level 3-compliance.

For more details see here.