Workflow Automation

Graduate from to do lists apps easily and securely. Plan for and manage the dependencies among your projects' tasks with maximum efficiency.

Finish to Start Dependencies

Easily create a project structure where you can define that Activity A must be completed before Activity B can begin.
This Finish-to-Start relationship between tasks is considered a "natural dependency". Each predecesor task finishes prior to the start of its successor task.
Since you control the start date of your tasks, you can allow for any amount of lag time you need between two tasks. Below you can read some of the main workflow automation features in bCommunities.

Here is where things get real Flowficient!



Make files flow from one task to the next
  • If your tasks require delivering files. You can easily have the files delivered in task A automatically become Source files for task B.
  • No need for the Project Manager to download files and upload again in the new task.
  • As the assigned resource in task B gets an email indicating his task is now Active, she will also receive links to the files she can start working on.
  • If you don't select this option when you create your task, no files will be passed from one task to another.

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Automatic Rescheduling

This functionality can be set by default on Production Settings and overrun by task settings.

  • If Activated: Dependent tasks will automatically adjust their start and finish times after parent task is delayed or delivered early. This is useful in case the nature of the task and its resource are flexible with time of performance. The cumulative efficiency gains brought by this feature can reduce significantly the amount of wasted time and effort in complex projects with multiple players involved.
  • If Deactivated: Dependent tasks will not adjust their start and finish times after parent task is delayed or delivered early. This is useful to keep tight control tasks and resources .