Status Updates & Expectations

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Accepted or rejected by resource
  • bCommunities does not assume that sending a task request to a provider or employee means they will be able and/or willing to take it.
  • It assumes the Project Manager is expecting the resource to confirm reception and commit to the deliverable.
  • As a work platform, clearly communication of expectations across business partners is one of its main deliverables.

Approved or Not Yet Approved
  • Has this task been approved by client yet?
  • In a sales environment, we would refer to a task that has not been approved as an Opportunity.
  • A task that is offered to a resource but has not officially been assigned yet.
  • The project owner might not know if they will actually need to complete that task or might
    have not decided whether the particular resource will be the one selected to complete it.

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Active or On-Hold
  • Avoid unnecessary confusion by default.
  • "When do I start working then?"
  • Communicate clearly to resources if they should start working now or next week.
  • Maybe there is another task that needs to finish before this one starts and is scheduled on Thursday of next week.

Task files have been Partially Delivered
  • If your task includes the delivery of documents, the resource has a chance to send you groups of files ready for delivery so you can start processing them.
  • Typically, a project manager might ask to wait till the end of the project to avoid email insanity.
  • With bCommunities there is no harm in getting things going as soon as they are available since there’s no risk of creating confusing clutter.