Project Management




Task Status & Updates

Designed to set Project Managers up for success regardless of how experienced they are.

Assigning Tasks

Send tasks to internal and external resources. One on one, to multiple individuals or to a group.

Receiving Tasks

Receive tasks from internal or external sources. Keep them informed easily and find control the project from your own environment.

Workflow Automation

Create task dependencies, experience Flowficiency at its best.

FlowBack Projects & Tasks

Create projects and tasks with your client as the owner and you as the resource. Beat resistance to change.

Reporting & Exporting My Data

Create your own reports to get a clear picture of your projects at any time and download it as a table or PDF.

Project Visualization

Dashboards, calendar, task lists, project flow... Choose from a variety of ways to look at your project and engagement data.

Fully Integrated

Contacts, Projects, Tasks, Files, Communications... Access everything with just one click. Drill down from anywhere.

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