Integrated Communications

Where Nothing Ever Gets Lost

Information a drill-down away

Forget about looking through piles of emails to figure who's doing what or to find out whose responsible for the success or failure of a particular engagement.

Email Integration & Tracking

Respond to any notification or message from your email client of choice but keep everything as organized as if everyone was using the tool alone.

Oversight minus the pain

As a manager, keeping tabs on what's going on in your organization can become a nightmare for you and your teams. No need to ask or keep 10 email accounts.

Information a Drill-Down Away

Clear and efficient communications between your team members and your clients and providers is, possibly, the single most important success predictor in anything your organization does. bCommunities provides multiple communication venues.

Production-Related Conversations.
  • From the moment someone creates a task in your company, a new conversation is started with all parties involved.
  • Task participants can start multiple conversations within a task to better organize their thoughts and progress.
  • All email notifications will include the name of the task and project related to that task for easy tracking from your favorite email desktop or online client.
  • One-Click access to reference a particular task’s details from a conversation

Private Conversations
  • Company administrators can directly or passively monitor all task-related conversations but employees can start a conversation outside of tasks at anytime.
  • Private conversations are shared by anyone that’s added to them by a participant.
  • Organize drinks after work on fridays or document your complaint to the head of maintenance about the consistent lack of hand soap in the lady’s room.


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Oversight Minus The Pain

Security-Driven Communications

bCommunities does not assume everyone in a project should be able to see everything going on. Security and Confidentiality around communications is a top priority.

  • Other than company administrators, only project managers and resources can access conversations within a task.
  • You can safely add internal employees and even other external contacts to a particular task conversation because:
  • Email notifications only include the name and first letter of the last name for everyone involved.
  • Only people with direct rights to the task can even see it within the application.

Email Integration & Notifications

bCommunities offers notifications for users in a timely manner. Letting them know that a client has assigned a job for them that is waiting for their acceptance. Or letting the Project Manager know that a deliverable is ready and notifying the next task resource they should start working on it.

Users can then reply from their email client to ANY notification emails and message and their answers will become part of that particular task conversation flow and will be sent as notifications to all parties involved in the task.

  • New Task assigned to resource
    New task notification
  • task activation when time comes
    Task accepted
  • stop work till further notice.
    Task accepted
  • reply from any email client
    Email integration and replies
  • Task Acceptance by resource
    Task accepted
  • Dates got adjusted!
    Task accepted
  • new files uploaded
    Task accepted
  • task completed
    Task accepted