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Flowficient Engine, Social Heart

Internal and External Interconnectivity

We believe that your clients, employees and providers are happier if they don't have to register twice data related to projects they work with you. We believe they are happier when each one gets to refer back to the data they produced in an engagement securely. That's what we call Flowficiency.

From Portals to Ecosystems

If you're waiting to have enough resources to implement your client or supplier online portals or maybe you've been wondering about getting an intranet or extranet, stop waiting and read on to see how the bCommunities platform is the out-of-the-box Flowficient solution you really need.

Ideally Efficient Work Environment

Having your clients and providers be able to log into YOUR software might be good enough for some, but offering them the possibility to do the same and accomplish the efficiencies of a truly interconnected environment... well, that's exactly what we call Flowficiency.


A Grown-Up Work Platform

Beyond Team Collaboration


Until now, collaboration apps allowed distributed teams to work together around files and to-do lists. But they were not created to include clients and suppliers. Now, with bCommunities, you don't need to choose between efficiency and confidentiality. You can finally enjoy full internal and external security that you won't have to worry about.

Best Practices

bCommunities' built-in functionality ensures that regardless of your employees' or partners' B2B skills, basic measures are in place to reduce costs, unnecessary tensions, and uncertainty while improving performance. Make sure task expectations are communicated clearly regardless of their business experience.

Trust & Accountability

In complex B2B environments, trust becomes paramount. While bCommunities allows for a privacy degree, all production communications and activities are automatically recorded making it easy to track progress and productivity both in internal and external engagements.